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Our Team

Delivering on-time, accurate, dependable and affordable dictation and transcription solutions.

Who We Are

Our MT staff consists of Independent Contractors located across the United States and in many different time zones. All of our ICs hold one of the following: A Medical Transcription Degree, Medical Transcription Certificate, Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) and/or Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT). We currently have 80+ experienced Medical Transcriptionists on our staff and are affiliated with a local Medical Transcription school, Andrews and Holbrook.

We also provide our personnel extensive training to ensure they are adequately qualified. Our medical transcription training period lasts for a period of two months and it is more intensive than most other transcription companies.

Alisha Harris

Alisha Harris

Founder CEO

As a successful business owner for over 15 years, Alisha Harris began her career in the technical industry  as a Software Engineer prior to starting her own Medical Transcription Business, Precision Transcription.

Growing a profitable business organically from one account to over 100 accounts servicing over 1,500 providers during a very transformation time in the medical transcription industry from dictations on tape recorders to fully optimized systems using both front and back-end speech.  Alisha has instrumentally interviewed and hired a strong and successful management team with over 300 team members that provide exceptional client service to everyone she serves.

Alisha has dedicated herself to improving the customer service experience striving for 100% client satisfaction.  Alisha brings her expertise in building a team that will ensure staff and clients are successful.

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