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Medical Transcription

Flawless Transcription is a necessity when dealing with Transcription

Medical Transcription

We provide medical transcription services to individual physicians, practices, and hospitals throughout the United States. Our medical transcription company has the wherewithal to provide you with the service that you require. Our years of experience, skilled medical transcribers, and skilled quality assurance team allow us to provide cost-effective, high-quality medical transcription in all specialties.

What Is Medical Transcription Outsourcing?

Transcription outsourcing is an activity where a healthcare facility or physician hires a third-party agency to handle its medical transcription services. A reliable transcription company such as Precision Transcription can deliver high-quality transcripts to suits the needs of various medical facilities or health care providers.

How Does It Work?

When you hire a transcription company, you will send them audio files, and they will convert them into quality transcripts that are specially formatted according to your needs. These audio files can be anything from operative reports to discharge summaries that a physician, nurse, or any other health care provider dictates.

Outsourcing medical transcription work is far from a hot new topic in the healthcare field. When delivered expeditiously and accurately and within a designated timeframe, medical transcription can be equally seamless and productive for many healthcare professionals – from licensed physicians to hospital executives.

Instead of taking the unnecessary time to get a foolproof, internal transcription system down, many medical practitioners and hospitals have to seek the help of reliable and experienced medical transcription service providers, such as Precision Transcription, to transcribe their audio files to text. Fortunately, our team can do it correctly, timely, and cost-effectively.


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Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Transcription

Undertaking transcription in-house would imply that the healthcare facility has to manage patients, records, HIPAA compliance, technology, turnaround time, maintenance of equipment, and all other variable associated with medical transcription services besides its core business of health care.

Transcription outsourcing makes things immensely simpler easier and hospitals and healthcare centers in the United States are increasingly outsourcing their medical transcription work to reputable and experienced transcription companies.

Some of the key benefits of medical transcription outsourcing include:

  1. Reduce Labor & Management Costs

In-house transcription can be a laborious, budget draining process that can leave healthcare management in a serious bind and can result in significant financial constraints. Transcripts play such a vital role in medical documentation that it is necessary to find a working solution that makes the most sense and ensures financial sustainability in the long run for each practice.

However, hiring an experienced, full-time transcription team means paying for a high salary and any additional help that may be necessary.

By taking advantage of outsourcing medical transcription service, you will effectively only pay for the transcripts being produced, and not for any of the extraneous costs that come with an in-house team of transcriptionists.

Additionally, management will be free to concentrate on more important tasks and priorities and leave the transcription work to their preferred medical transcription company.

Human resource departments of hospitals and other healthcare facilities can significantly reduce the time, resources, and effort spent on hiring, training, and maintaining medical transcription staff on their payroll.

Transcription is needed across all departments and functionalities, 24/7 including on-call and emergency room procedures.

Therefore, this demands a fairly intensive staff capacity that entails sizeable hiring, payroll processing, and administrative responsibilities, all of which are dispensed with the medical transcription process is outsourced.

  1. Make Information More Accessible

There are many reasons to have your medical documentation transcribed, but perhaps the one on top of the list is the ability for the correct staff members to be able to digitally search for (and find) what they need, at any given time.

Medical transcription takes recorded audio and video files and transforms the voice recordings to searchable, easy-to-index digital text, so that information is always accessible to those who need it.

Transcribed patient reports remain available on your service provider’s secure servers for two years or more. A significant advantage of medical transcription outsourcing is that it allows secure, password-protected users to access and search old medical records with powerful keyword tools.

They can easily view and print or distribute medical documents to multiple locations through the internet, ensuring high levels of patient confidentiality at every stage.

Along with greater searchability of the records at hand, accurate medical transcripts of the patient reports, medical histories, discharge summaries, research interviews, etc., allow more people to easily comprehend, view, and understand – especially those who’re deaf or have hearing difficulties.

Precision Transcription guarantees 98% accuracy within all our transcription work that our skilled transcriptionists produce, making it the best option for medical practitioners specializing in any area.

  1. Obtain Accurate, Timely Reports

Hiring a reputable medical transcription service provider that has a team of trained medical transcriptionists is the most important step in saving time and money in your healthcare facility.

Precision Transcription takes advantage of a unique, proprietary multi-step review process of your transcribed content to ensure that the absolute highest quality transcripts are delivered in every task we handle.

Blending speech technology with expert medical transcriptionists who understand your medical jargon, we can provide you with the most accurate transcripts possible. Our experts can generate the most detailed and accurate transcripts, including speaker IDs and timestamps.

By outsourcing transcription services, health care professionals can truly focus on what is most important about their roles – treating patients.

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Precision Transcription HIPAA Compliant service medical transcriptions

HIPAA Compliant

We utilize “state of the art” dictation and transcription solutions that ensure 128-bit SSL encryption data transmission technology,

Precision Transcription HIPAA Compliant service medical transcriptions

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How we protect you.

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Affordable / Cost Effective

We offer competitive rates Our rates allow our clients to choose from onshore, offshore or multi-shore solutions and all of our rates are competitive. 

Precision Transcription 512 transparent pricing for legal and medical transcription services

Allowing customers freedom of choice. Our solutions require no capital outlay, no start-up costs and no long-term commitments or contracts.

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Efficient Workflow

Our state-of-the-art technology features the best software for maximizing the efficiency of your workflow. 

Precision Transcription 512 transparent efficient workflow

We offer front and back-end speech recognition, mobile dictation, eElectronic signatures, and multiple secure delivery options to streamline the flow of information.

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Powerful Document Management Tools

Our solutions are designed to provide you with the necessary tools to view, manage and analyze the data for your facility. 

Precision Transcription proofreading with 99 percent accurancey

At Your Fingertips.

You are able to search and retrieve documents by patient name, dictator, medical record numbers.

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Our team is focused on quality documentation utilizing a multi-tiered QA approach with experienced, US based transcriptionists and editors committed to your account. 

Precision Transcription 512 transparent quality documentation

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