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Legal Transcription

Flawless Transcription is a necessity when dealing with Legal Transcription –

Legal Transcription

Lawyers and everyone working alongside them usually have a lot on their plates, no matter what specialty and industry they are working in. As a result, many end up working long hours while they go over crucial interviews, documents, and even court recordings. Finding efficient ways to streamline that process is essential, especially if you want to scale up and potentially gain more clients in your law firm. Fortunately, Precision’s legal transcription can help with this, letting you hand over audio files of court recordings, interviews, and getting an easy-to-read and fast-to-scan text document back in return.

If you are worried that, perhaps, transcriptionists would not have the necessary experience to do the job, well, we have got some good news: our legal transcriptionists specialize in your industry and can provide top-notch, accurate transcriptions.

Precision Transcription’s team has a dedicated pool of Legal Transcriptionists with 20+ years of expertise. Their commitment to preparing accurate and timely legal documents such as depositions, trial tapes, wiretaps, or court proceedings is unparalleled. 

Our legal transcriptionists listen carefully to the dictated recordings made by attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals and then transcribe them into legal text documents. They generally listen to recordings on a headset, using a foot pedal to pause the recording when necessary, and key the text into a computer.

The documents they can produce include pleadings, correspondence, legal memorandums, discovery, motions, agreements, and time entries. Transcribed documents can end up being produce in court.

Supporting paralegals, court reporters, attorneys, and other legal professionals with outstanding customer service and attention to detail is our goal. Building long-lasting relationships and trust is essential in our process.

Flawless Transcription is a necessity when dealing with Legal Transcription. Precision Transcription certifies 99% accuracy on good quality audio. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

With state-of-the-art technology and high-quality services, we can save your department both time and money. Contact us today to learn how Precision Transcription can streamline your transcription workflow and provide the support you need.

How Legal Transcription Happens 

Legal transcription refers to the process of transcribing any type of legal proceeding/recording from the spoken word (including audio files) into a written text document that is carefully formatted so you can easily find the information you need.

Today, the legal transcription industry has been growing rapidly thanks to the increasing use of technology in various legal settings. The services can include the transcription of testimonies, depositions, interrogations, official court hearings, legal briefs, client letters, and general legal correspondence. This is all done from audio recordings – including digital files, physical tapes, and video – and will result in a perfectly formatted document in return.

Legal transcription is crucial and can be a game-changer for attorneys, especially since they have a large scope of information to review and document that occurs at different points in time.

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Services We Offer

At Precision Transcription, we offer a variety of legal transcription services. Some of the options we offer include (and are not limited to) the following:

  • Trials, Hearings, and Depositions
  • Attorney and Paralegal Dictation
  • Expert Witness Interviews
  • Insurance and Investigative
  • Medical Records and Deposition Summaries
  • Wiretaps
  • Pleadings
  • Recorded Statements
  • Phone and Voicemail Recordings

Types of Legal Transcription Services

  1. Pleadings

They are submitted in the early stages of a case. A pleading is a formal written statement wherein a given party submits their claims or defenses. This statement essential forms the basis of the case, and the key issues to be argued about.

A typical pleading is usually one wherein the plaintiff submits a complaint/claim stating the cause of the action. The defendant then forwards the answer stating his or her defenses, or a counterclaim.

Arguably, all legal transcription services offer transcriptions of pleadings – this is where the crucial facts to be argued about are stated and where the whole case begins. Therefore, it can be considered as the most vital of all legal documents.

  1. Sworn Statements

A sworn statement is a document that provides facts required in a legal proceeding. These statements are made in lieu of testimonies submitted in court, which, while allowing for greater fairness and the likelihood of obtaining truth, are time-consuming, expensive, and rather troublesome to arrange.

On the other hand, sworn statements are made without the presence of a notary public, but include a paragraph indicating that it was made under penalty of perjury. Being a part of the deposition, transcripts are practically required when dealing with sworn statements.

Transcripts build the validity of sworn statements, and they can also be used as evidence in court in place of testimony.

  1. Subpoenas and Summons

Subpoenas are legal documents issued by the court that requires one party to appear before it to either testify or bring physical evidence that can be used in the case.

Meanwhile, summonses are legal documents informing a party that a case has been filed against him or her, therefore his or her presence is needed at the court at a specific date and time. Subpoenas and summonses can be given to legal transcription services in the form of note-taking work, saving time by being organized, and keeping legal professionals creating cases, instead of spending time searching for details like who presented or testified in court.

  1. Interrogations

Recordings of suspects or witnesses being questioned by a legal authority can be an effective tool in facilitating an on-going case. Law enforcement personnel such as police officers often require their recordings to be transcribed by a legal transcription service verbatim to study the behavior of a suspect.

Defendants may be interrogated separately from the court proceeding and have their conversation transcribed by legal authorities as accurately as possible to study possible lapses in their speech patterns, facial expressions, and even their non-verbal signals such as head nods and therefore helps determine their intentions.

These recordings are usually prioritized to transcribe, much like telephone recordings and wiretaps. If done by a quality legal transcription service, it can dictate the proceedings in court by noting the small details captured in audio to text.

  1. Depositions

A deposition can be simply defined as a witness’s sworn out-of-court testimony. They are usually used by attorneys to gather information and build their case. Hence, lawyers find deposition transcriptions to be exceptionally helpful in gathering facts.

If done by a top-quality legal transcription service, such as Precision Transcription, these transcriptions become a very powerful tool with the usage of details in court and present stronger and better arguments.

  1. Hearings

The term “hearing” is a bracket term that refers to a number of legal proceedings done in front of a judge or magistrate without the presence of a jury. Hearings are considered more informal ways of resolving disputes since they often don’t share the more restrictive nature of such legal proceedings as a trial.

Hearings include court hearings, arbitration hearings, judicial hearings, administrative hearings, among others.

While informal, transcription of hearings in a text format may prove successful to note witness testimonies, cross-examinations of each witness of both parties in court, and their defense since these provide a good amount of in-depth information about the case, especially if studied by upcoming students of the law.

Further, it gives legal authorities a certain point of reference as to where the court is proceeding and utilizes these hearings to plan and strategize their next step in court.

  1. Wiretaps and Phone Calls

Legal interception and monitoring of phone calls and recording them are some of the surveillance methods that legal authorities use to build a case. Much like interrogations, these are transcribed verbatim to study speech patterns or vital details that would be important for legal disputes as wiretaps and phone calls are needed to solidify presented pieces of evidence and statements.

Naturally, transcription requests of this nature demand a higher rate. They are almost coveted in a sense amongst transcription services. Verbatim transcripts of this nature are also often given only to the best legal transcriptionists and as its mantra goes, it should be as close to 100% accuracy.

  1. Memorandums

Memorandums are informal notes that can be used in a legal proceeding to prove that an agreement or a certain type of contract was made between two parties. Taking note of each memorandum in legal proceedings is paramount to keep statements presented in court on track and cohesive in parties involved in the argument. They can be easily be recalled when presented in court as a physical document.

  1. Dictations, Meetings, and Conferences

Legal professionals are time-constrained all the time when building their case, pouring over notes and facts, as well as attend court proceedings. To save time and focus their attention at work, they dictate important reports, documents, and notes that are worth looking at at a later time and rely on legal transcription services to have them transcribed, ready for further analysis.

Meetings and conferences can also be transcribed into text, bringing out the keywords that may prove to be essential or take note of during meetings with workers or clients. It not only saves time for the legal professionals, but it also eases their workload to focus more on creating arguments and debates for the case.

Establishing a good business partnership with a good and high-quality transcription service such as Precision Transcription, to handle your legal transcriptions prove well to be an asset in easing the ever-pressing workload of those who study and practice the law.

Why You Should Invest in Legal Transcription

Today, the legal transcription is in high demand, and that is because it is a solid time and financial investment for law firms of all shapes and sizes.

One of the biggest and most obvious reasons to use reputable legal transcription services, of course, is that it’ll save you an incredible amount of time. Instead of trying to listen through audio files for snippets of information that you require or hiring someone else to do so, you will get a single easy-to-scan document that has everything you need.

Since you are outsourcing this instead of having a paralegal or an assistant to handle this task for you, the transcriptions will come faster, be more accurate, and enhance your overall office’s workflow since your team can tackle more essential tasks that require their immediate attention.

In addition to saving time, you will also be lowering overhead costs along the way. The average pay of a legal secretary may be around $20-25 per hour and the cost for a paralegal is around $25-32 per hour.

They are undeniably valuable members of your team, and you pay accordingly, so it makes sense to get the most value out of their work possible by handling tasks that you cannot outsource. Since law firms are always busy, they can work on more important day-to-day administrative tasks that you would have to handle yourself (or hire someone else to do).

Since transcription costs are much cheaper than hiring one of your team members to handle it (costing between $1.50 and $5.00 per minute of recorded audio), you will be saving significantly along the way.

Our experienced legal transcriptionists will also be fast. They are used to transcribing documents quickly and have the right tools in place to help them do so efficiently and accurately.

Since legal transcriptionists are specialized (most of our transcriptionists have a background in law giving them an understanding of the source material), they will be as familiar with what you require as paralegals or in-office assistants, and can even format the documents according to your form’s personal preferences.

In a nutshell, legal transcription services will save you money and time while guaranteeing accuracy, allowing you to focus on the most important tasks in your law firm. You and your team have specialized skill sets, so do not waste time doing something else during the workday.

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