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corporate & Business Transcription

Corporate & Business Transcription

In today’s corporate world, accurately transcribed information is essential for the smooth running and functioning of any business. Corporate and business transcription includes creating a textual transcript of the video or audio recordings of various business interactions including conferences, meetings, presentations, workshops, etc., for present and future use.

From board meetings and interviews to multi-day conventions (and everything in between), Precision Transcription can provide highly accurate transcripts to meet your schedule, budget, and other corporate needs. We understand that time and money are vital elements of your success.

Therefore, we pride ourselves on delivering quick and accurate corporate & business transcription services, as well as a straightforward pricing plan. We excel at project management for large, complex, high volume, demanding, or ongoing projects that require intricate details and the latest advanced technology.

The transcription team at Precision Transcription can transcribe from virtually all video/audio formats, and they utilize audio enhancers to optimize sound for recordings that aren’t up to par. Besides, we can arrange for free pre-project consultation to ensure your video or audio recordings and transcripts will achieve your goals.

Now, let’s get it done right the first time—and on time!

Why Choose Precision Transcription?

  1. Delivers What You Need, When You Need It

Whether you need the high points from a conference or a review meeting minutes, Precision Transcription can transcribe your audio/video files in as little as 24 hours. Our corporate & business transcription services are premised on the following key pillars: efficiency, reliability, integrity, and high accuracy.

Our transcripts can also be customized to any format that suits your needs. You can trust our reputable and experienced corporate transcriptionists to accurately recognize and transcribe even the most technical financial terminology.

You can also rest assured that we will treat your material with the highest integrity and confidentiality.

  1. Saves Time

Do you want to sit through an hour-long meeting, when you can quickly read through the discussion? Your executives can save time by catching up with important details in our transcripts.

Our highly trained transcriptionists and quality analysts can address and handle all your corporate & business transcription needs.

  1. Saves Money

Unlike other business transcription service providers, we do not charge you for the number of speakers in your file. Nor will we charge extra for the quality of your audio/video. The price you pay is fully dependent on your deadline and the length of your file.

In addition, we offer complementary features, such as speaker identification, for which our competitors often charge. We want to allow you to use the amount you would have spent on an in-house administrative assistant for other worthwhile endeavors.

What really sets us apart from other transcription companies is our expertise and commitment to excellence. Give us a try and you will see for yourself.

Confidentiality Is Our Priority

Due to the confidentiality often involved with corporate & business transcription, we can provide you with an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), and/or a confidentiality agreement at any time. additionally, we have general liability and cyber liability insurance plans in place.

From several years of files to a single letter, we can provide you with all types of related business transcription services as well. We can efficiently and accurately transcribe the following:

·       Interviews ·       Meetings
·       Speaker Presentations ·       Conference Calls
·       Minutes ·       Marketing/Sales
·       Dictation ·       Books and Manuals
·       Focus Groups ·       Keynote Addresses
·       Security Audio/Video ·       Oral Histories
·       Webinars and Podcasts ·       Conferences
·       Corporate Presentation ·       Group Discussions
·       Presentations ·       Focus Groups
·       Training Seminars ·       Workshops
·       Earning Calls (verbatim) ·       Business Plans/Newsletters
·       Marketing Reports ·       Training Manuals
·       Internal Calls

·       Annual Meetings


Precision Transcription is the preferred transcription company for leading corporations and banks nationwide. Our corporate transcriptionists are well versed in a variety of business terminologies and they’re highly trained to dissect multiple voices, accents, and dialects.

The ability to provide customized transcription solutions to meet our clients’ needs distinguishes Precision Transcription as a true leader in the industry. Time-coding of our transcripts at regular intervals is standard, and we can adapt this process to suit our client strict criteria.

Corporate transcription clients can also specify a preference for verbatim, semi-verbatim, or summary transcripts to meet their desired end use of the document.

Our streamlined transcription process results in high quality and accurate transcripts that saves on your in-house administrative or editorial resources by cutting out the need for editing and proofing time.

Our representative will play a consultative role to ensure you get an end-product that exceeds your expectations.

We specialize in corporate & business transcription solutions/services for:

  • Corporate Financial Advisors
  • Commercial and Private Bankers
  • CEOs / CFOs
  • Insurance Companies (insurance transcription)
  • Financial Planners
  • Video to text
  • Investment Bankers
  • Call Centers
  • Money Managers
  • Financial transcription services
  • And more

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Why Is Corporate & Business Transcription Important?

Business Transcription precision transcription services usa canada favA huge volume of audio and video content, in the form of investor meetings, conference calls, and presentations, are produced in the business world every day. All of these are very important and may present critical financial data that can be used for developing new business and competitive strategies.

Corporate & business transcription ensures that you have a written record of all conversations related to important marketing, financial, and legal decisions in your business. Business transcription involves creating a textual archive of audio or video recordings of conferences, meetings, or any other business interaction.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Saving time, resources, and effort – you will not need to recruit an in-house transcription team.
  • Access that information for record purposes and future reference.
  • Converting audio/video into a text format that can help with SEO and improving your online presence.

Whether it’s to avoid lawsuits or disputes, every business needs to maintain detailed and accurate records of its communications. It’s simply impossible to remember every detail discussed, and that is precisely the reason why businesses invest in corporate transcriptions.

At many business conferences, seminars, meetings, brainstorming sessions, or interviews, there’s usually no dedicated staff member present to type out the proceedings or take down notes, nor is it possible for members involved in the proceedings to do it themselves.

Therefore, business interactions are audio/video recorded and outsourced to a reliable transcription service provider, such as Precision Transcription, to produce the transcripts.

How Can Transcription Services Help Your Business?

Outsourcing business transcription to a reputable, trusted transcription company can help you carry out your different business transcription needs with aplomb. While it helps organizations like yours to cut down costs and avail time zone differential advantage, it also means no holidays, as the work is done on all business days.

It is essential for transcription companies to deliver the transcripts within short turnaround times. Additionally, accurate documentation of sensitive information must be maintained with high accuracy. Therefore, companies can achieve close to 100% accuracy by outsourcing their essential tasks to corporate & business transcription service providers.

To achieve high levels of accuracy and quality transcription, Precision Transcription has a team of skilled and qualified business transcriptionists who’re experienced in transcribing recordings with a variety of distortions and accents.

Further, our team can handle a wide variety of input file formats and deliver output in a variety of customer-specified file formats. Input file formats could be analog recordings or digital audio file formats such as mp3, wav, etc. Output text files are usually word documents (.DOC, .DOCX), PDF or simple text (.TXT) files.

Outsourcing Corporate & Business Transcription 

Outsourcing refers to an act of a company soliciting the services of an external contractor to carry out work activities on their behalf that would previously be done in-house. This strategic move became a popular practice for businesses from as far back as the 1990s.

It is seen as a way to concentrate efforts and resources on adding more value to the primary business activities. A common consequence of this transition is the downsizing of staff to the skills only required for the core business operations.

Corporations and organizations today look to outsourcing as they are increasingly interested in the streamlining of their operations and improving efficiency.

Currently, the main sectors that outsource their transcription needs are call-centers, law enforcement agencies, medical centers, and legal firms. This is mostly due to their vast amounts of audio, and more recently, video files they generate that need to be converted into text.

While the outsourcing of this service offers a range of benefits to almost any corporation or business, here is a summary of the top benefits:

  1. Saves You Time and Money

Transcription, to an untrained employee, can be a time-consuming and mundane activity due to the routine nature of the task. Corporate transcription service providers can perform these tasks expeditiously with an unmatched level of accuracy thanks to the winning combination of machine and human-verified transcription.

  1. Helps Your Company Cope with Variable Workflows and Lack of Expertise

One of the biggest financial strains that businesses have to deal with is the fluctuation in work volume. At times, the workload may be much higher than your business capacity to deal with. which ends up overstretching employee efforts and resources.

The major benefit that comes with outsourcing your transcription requirements is the flexibility and timelines of the service. Its availability on an as-needed basis can help your business cope with the natural ebb and flow of your business cycle in sync with any tight turnarounds.

  1. Opens Up Your Office Space to A Whole New World of Advancements

Nowadays, the value of transcription is no longer limited to a simple conversion of audio-to-text. There are significant SEO-related benefits you will gain as well. The incorporation of AI technology into transcription services has increased its functionality and applications in workplaces.

Ready to Partner with Us to Meet Your End-To-End Business Transcription Needs?

Precision Transcription offers fast, accurate, professional, and high quality corporate & business transcription, which covers a wide range of enterprise business documentation and corporate communication needs.

Focus on your core business goals and leave the business transcription tasks in the hands of our experts. Outsource your transcription work to us and benefit from accurate and quality business transcriptions.

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Precision Transcription HIPAA Compliant service medical transcriptions

HIPAA Compliant

We utilize “state of the art” dictation and transcription solutions that ensure 128-bit SSL encryption data transmission technology,

Precision Transcription HIPAA Compliant service medical transcriptions

Data Security / HIPAA

How we protect you.

Precision Transcription 512 transparent pricing for legal and medical transcription services

Affordable / Cost Effective

We offer competitive rates Our rates allow our clients to choose from onshore, offshore or multi-shore solutions and all of our rates are competitive. 

Precision Transcription 512 transparent pricing for legal and medical transcription services

Allowing customers freedom of choice. Our solutions require no capital outlay, no start-up costs and no long-term commitments or contracts.

Precision Transcription 512 transparent efficient workflow

Efficient Workflow

Our state-of-the-art technology features the best software for maximizing the efficiency of your workflow. 

Precision Transcription 512 transparent efficient workflow

We offer front and back-end speech recognition, mobile dictation, eElectronic signatures, and multiple secure delivery options to streamline the flow of information.

Precision Transcription proofreading with 99 percent accurancey

Powerful Document Management Tools

Our solutions are designed to provide you with the necessary tools to view, manage and analyze the data for your facility. 

Precision Transcription proofreading with 99 percent accurancey

At Your Fingertips.

You are able to search and retrieve documents by patient name, dictator, medical record numbers.

Precision Transcription 512 transparent quality documentation

Quality Documentation

Our team is focused on quality documentation utilizing a multi-tiered QA approach with experienced, US based transcriptionists and editors committed to your account. 

Precision Transcription 512 transparent quality documentation

Why Settle For Less?

Our personalized service for your account ensures a knowledgeable team focused on maximizing and customizing our service to ensure 100% satisfaction.
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Fast Delivery - 4 Options

Fully electronic delivery of your files.
Remote Printing - Your virtual office assistant.
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Courier Or Secure e-Mail

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Our standard turnaround time is 24 - 48 hours.

If required, we can provide STAT transcripts in as little as 2 hours.

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